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     This section is dedicated to those items restricted to the use of members of Saint John Lodge Only.

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1 January 2007 DUES:

The secretary is asking that you send in your check for $70.00 (55.00 dues+15.00 GL Per-capata)
Those having Life Membership should have your Dues Cards by now.

If you have a question be sure to contact our Secretary.


Member Rosters:

Historic (1872 to Present)


Life Members


Minutes of Meetings held:

     The Minutes of our meetings will be posted below:

     If published they will appear in light blue letters. By clicking on the light blue link, a copy of that document will be automatically downloaded to your computers hard drive. You will then be able to open, display, read, and print that newsletter at your leasure.

2007-1-13 Minutes.doc

2007-2-10 Minutes.doc

2007-3-10 Minutes.doc

2007-4-14 Minutes.doc

2007-5-14 Minutes.doc

2007-6-09 Minutes N0-Meeting.doc

2007-7-14 Minutes.pdf



In order to give us to better use the limited amount of time in each meeting for more interesting discussions or educational materials we are testing this proceedure. For it to become fully effective and "Official" changes will be needed to our By-Laws and to the Grand Lodge Code.
If you do not have access to a computer a copy of the minutes could be obtained from any Brother who does or contact the Secretary and one will be mailed to you.
You are asked to send any additions, deletions, or corrections to the content of the latest set of minutes to our secretary. Once received they will be entered and printed on a "Proof" copy that will be placed on the Sign-in desk before the next stated meeting. This "Proof Copy" will be approved during the meeting without further reading
Input may be mailed to:
Saint John Lodge #18, F.&A.M.
Ron Orr, Secretary
P.O. Box 356
Pioche, Nevada 89043
or e.mailed to
[email protected]
or provided by telephone at
(702) 649-8447


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