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SAINT JOHN LODGE #18, Free & Accepted Masons, is a Fraternity of good men who belive in a Supreme Architect of this Universe, and who are linked together by honorable and indissoluble bonds, to accomplish their noble purposes, eschewing all interests in factional politics and sectarian religion and free from the dictation of both. It is an organization that admits, makes, and celebrates Freemasons according to the Constitution, Laws and Edicts of The Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Nevada. Its goals are to advance the moral and social interests of its membership; to foster good citizenship, honest industry and upright living; to cultivate the exercise of charity in its best and broadest sense; to assist the widows and orphans of its deceased members; to stimulate friendship, harmony and brotherly love, and generally to promote, in its own way, the happiness of mankind.




Saturday, 18 August 2007

Saint John Lodge #18 and the Southern Nevada Masters and Wardens Association invites all Master Masons to participate 
in an Outdoor Degree at Pioche.

Oasis Lodge #41 will provide the Charter, Open Lodge and the Candidate.  
St. John Lodge #18 will provide local hospitality with the able assistance of Mizpah Chapter of OES.

Masons and wives may gather at the Lodge Hall between 09:30 and 10:00 am 

Mizpah Chapter Ladies will be hosting visiting ladies at the Lodge Hall beginning at 9:30AM.

A special tour of the historic St. John lodge room will be conducted at 9:30 AM by Ron Orr.  

At 10:00 a convoy will depart for the mine sie. 
The gavel will sound at the mine site at 10:30AM,   
A Luncheon,  Lecture on Early Nevada Masons and Mining will be provided at the site. 

We expect to be finished with the degree by 3:00PM.  

GETTING THERE: (Click here for Map)
Carpooling is recommended.  
The 15-seat, '97 diesel van formerly used by Shrine Hospital drivers will leave the MMT at 6:30AM.  
Coffee, water, and pastries will be provided on the van.  Other vehicles may join the caravan.  
Pioche is about 175 miles from Las Vegas.  
Take US -95 North to Apex Junction and exit for US-93 North to Pioche.
Go through Alamo, Continue on US-93 to Caliente, and Panaca. 
North of Panaca take the Sinic Route (93-Alternate) to see the old mine relics and mine dumps. 
or take the lower bypass road and turn West at Spring Street, up the hill to the center of town. 
Turn Right at LaCour Street. The Lodge is about 75 yards North on the West Side.
Google estimates 3 hours 2 minutes for the trip.  It is a 70 MPH, low-traffic, two-lane road.  
NDOT reported an average speed of 72.5MPH in 2004.
Observe the speed limits in the "speed-trap" towns of Alamo, Panaca, and Caliente.

The Lodge is in uptown Pioche 100 yards north of the intersection of Main and LaCour Streets. (100 LaCour) 
It has a high overlook of Lake Valley, the town.  The historic building is on the West side fo the street. .  

The Ely Valley Mine site is North of Pioche just off US-93.  At the junction where the by-pass joins the road from town 
turn left (West) on another paved road that goes to the Ely Valley Mine Site. 

Wear Old Western or Mining Clothes, a good wide brimed had (You may wear it during the meeting) 
A comfortable lawn chair, and your camera. 

Verizon cell phones and some others work well almost the whole trip.

A good brreakfast or dinner may be enjoyed at the half-way mark at the "WindMill" just North of Alamo. 

Call if you have any questions call: Jim Kelley, 702 362-9644 or Ron Orr, 702 649-8447

We hope to see you there! You will enjoy it!

Saint John Lodge

     The History of this great Lodge has been written by several esteemed historians over the 130 plus Years since the Lodge was formed. For us to assemble an accurate and up to date recompilation of its history is a daunting task. We are attempting to do just that however, and hope to publish it on this site soon. For now, we give you a shorter but interesting and vital glimpse into some of the actual history found in our archives: We have also prepared a translation of our Charter so that you can see what words set us on this noble and honorable course.


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