The Masters and Wardens Association

of Southern Nevada



          The Masters and Wardens of the area Lodges meet together to assist each other through better communications and coordination. It is often of great value to the Lodges. It is also an excellent opportunity for these men to explore responsibilities, problems, and solutions that arepart of the leadership of their Lodges.


If you wish to contact one of the Lodges check out our Members List at this Link.The Officers of the association are to be found on this page.

Our Schedule of Meetings can be found at this link.

Check out the Nevada Masonic Kid's ID Program

If you wish to VISIT any of our Lodges, We would be pleased to meet you.

Check out this Special Event:

Come out to see this great and historic location that has been used for Masonic Meetings for many decades.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that for this event you wear comfortable clothes and a large brim hat. You may wear it during the meeting. Period western or miners clothing would be in the sprit of the time being portrayed. A jacket might be called for during the evening. Come & Enjoy!


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