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Nevada Masonic Kid's ID Program


The Nevada Masonic Kid's Identification Program is designed to provide parents, guardians, and care-givers with a source for information and documented identification materials containing biographical information and physical evidence, characteristics, and personal information about their loved ones.

 Computer  Camera  Print Scanner    Printer

         Using a computer, digital camera, fingerprint scanner, and printer we collect a picture, two thumb prints, a hair sample, a "ToothPrint" bite impression, and personal information to produce a document that has been proven to be very valuable in the location and identification of lost or stolen loved ones.

           Once created, this documentation and other assembled material is given to the parent, guardian, or care-giver with suggestions that it be placed in a secure location where it may be quickly retrieved if a need for it should arise. All of the data and materials collected in the preparation of the ID form and packet remains the exclusive property of the subject's parent, guardian or care-giver.

         No personal information is retained by the Masons or their affiliates.

         This service is provided at no cost to the subjects or their families.



1. Children (under the age of 18) or
2. Developmentally Challenged, or
3. Alzheimers patients.


"To help you keep your loved ones safe"

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