Masonic Kid's ID Program



     The Nevada Masonic Kid's ID Foundation has assembled three ID processing booth Kits that contain the equipment and supplies needed to make the Identity Packages. These Kits are available on a first-come-first-served basis to sponsoring Masonic Organizations.

     Proper identification of events in which to participate, who will be responsible, and having sufficient trained personnel when needed, are the key issues that must be planned for. For this reason proper coordination and scheduling efforts must be made as early as possible.

     The largest problem that has occurred is in not having sufficient staff to properly take care of the business at hand and to spend time with the people who come wondering what our fraternity is all about. be sure to get firm committments for 3 to 6 staffers for each booth and for the times you plan to operate the booth.

         To Schedule and reserve booths for dates for your event be sure to complete a reservation form and forward it to our coordinator. You may contact Ron Orr at (Home)702 649-8447 or e.mail at [email protected].

         Only after receipt of the completed registration form will your reservation be booked, your event details will then be indicated on the Schedule page.

          In making the reservation  Be ready to answer the following questions:

Event Name?

Event Date(s)?

Event Time(s)?

Event Location?

Who is the Host of the Event?

Sponsoring Lodge or Chapter?

Booth Supervisor's Name, Address, Telephone and e.mail address?

Who will be staffing your booth?

Size of Event?

Number of Booths needed?

Booth Location?

Booth Space Size?


Physical Discription of Area?

Location of AC Power?

Lighting Provided?

Security Provided?

Advanced Promotion Planned?

Equipment Check-Out Date?

Equipment Check-In Date?


"To help you keep your loved ones safe"

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