Nevada Masonic Kid's ID Program


The following are Minimum Standards which Child ID programs must meet to preserve the image and reputation of the Grand Lodge and Constituent Lodges:

1. During the initial contact with the person(s) concerning the site for the ID Session, whether we contact them or they us, a complete and thorough understanding of the program must be given. This is so that they do not impart wrong or misleading information to others. They should be told and provided in writing:
A. That the program is free.
B. We retain no information.
C. Parent, Guardian, or legal Care-Giver, must be present to process and ID
D. Parent or Guardian must be present to process a child.

2. A picture of the child must be included.

3. Fingerprints of some type should be included , even though the methods of obtaining them may vary.

4. The personnel running the program should not touch the child other than to make fingerprints and then only in the presence and with the consent of the parent or guardian.

5. If a hair or teeth bite sample is to be taken for color, texture and DNA matching it must be cut or taken by the parent or guardian and not by the personnel running the program. This is strictly voluntary on their part.

6. If a ToothPrint or bite impression is taken to provide for, matching with dental records, tracker dog scent sample or DNA comparison, it must be done by a trained adult staffer only. Again, this is strictly voluntary on their part.

7. All paperwork or forms as filled out must be returned to the parent or guardian or legal Care-Giver along with the ID package

8. It must be demonstrated to the parent, guardian or legal Care-Giver present that all records or entries on the computer must be deleted or cleared off the computer so it can not be recalled. This includes data records, pictures and fingerprints if they are recorded by electronic means through the computer.

7. No records are to be kept by the Lodges. The only authorized record is a count or tally of the number by age of identifications processed.



"To help you keep your loved ones safe"

PDF containing this information is available for download at this location:

Rules PDF

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