How the

Nevada Masonic Kid's ID Program

Makes an ID Package          

First, the Adult is asked to fill out basic information about the subject.

Second, using A Digital Camera
We quickly take the photograph.

     Next, A Digital Fingerprint Scanner or ink block is used to capture the thumb prints.

Then, all this data is fed into a LapTop Computer. Information gathered on a form is then entered into the computer to make up the ID Form.

The Finished ID Form is sent to A Color Printer producing the actual ID Form. and Photo ID Card.

The ID Card is separated from the ID Form, trimmed, and laminated.

The full size (8.5x11") ID Form Contains all the important information in an FBI, Missing Persons, and Crime Lab approved format.

The (Credit Card Sized) Photo ID Card has the proper Identity and Contact Information for the child to carry all the time.

 Snipping a lock of hair

The Collection of a Sample of Hair may then taken by the accompanying adult and placed in a small plastic bag and attached to the printed ID Form.

 Biting a "ToothPrint" Blank.

With the adults permission the participant is asked to bite on a warmed thin plastic disk which is then sealed in a plastic bag and attached to the ID Form.

This "Tooth Print" is valuable for Scent Dog Tracking, DNA Matching, and Dental Identification.

The last step is to place all the information into a special envelope along with other program materials and present it to the Adult or Care-Giver.

The Data is deleted.

    We keep no personal information.

"To help you keep your loved ones safe"

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